Impellitteri - Release Video For New Song

from: Metal Storm, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 21:51

Frontiers Music Srl will release the brand new <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=1417&bandname=Impellitteri>Impellitteri</a> studio album, entitled <i>Venom</i>, on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America. A new video for the album's title track "Venom" can be seen below. Enjoy the new material from the American heavy metallers. The band hasn't released a new album in a few years. What did you think of the song? <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=26090>Read more...</a>

Mardelas - Release New Video

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Japanese heavy metallers <a href="">Mardelas</a> have released a video for the song "Eclipse", the opening track from their upcoming debut album <i>Mardelas I</i>. Originally the solo project of ex-<a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8475&bandname=Destrose>Destrose</a> frontwoman Marina Hebishii, <b>Mardelas</b> was expanded to a four-piece with the additions of guitarist Kikyo Oikawa (<b>Screaming Symphony</b>) and <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8283&bandname=Light+Bringer>Light Bringer</a>'s rhythm section. The video can be viewed at your leisure below. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=26087>Read more...</a>

RICHARD PATRICK Says New FILTER Album Is Shaping Up To Be 'Really Different' And 'Original Sounding'

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 21:08

On March 17, Shabby Hasan of All Access Live conducted an interview with FILTER mainman Richard Patrick at the Cotillion Ballroom in Wichita, Kansas. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about the progress of the recording sessions for FILTER's new album, Richard said: "I wanted to release something maybe towards the end of this summer. I'm hoping that could be the case. But, you know, I'm developing a completely new sound for the band — [what I like to call] 'new industrial.'" He continued: "I mean, I hate genres, and I guess creating a new genre is kind of where I'm at. "FILTER's always been so hard to place. And for people, [some of them are], like, 'I like the rock,' and [others are, like], 'I like the mellow stuff.' And so this is a complete… There are several songs that sound straight-up industrial, like old FILTER, and I have to stay true to that sound as well, but it's so important to venture forward and recognize that we're in 2015." Patrick added: "When you're creating something brand new, you really have to be honest and very on point on your criticism of it, or your style, or whatever. So it seems like it might be a little bit longer than the summer… You don't wanna rush anything. We did just release 'The Sun Comes Out Tonight' [in 2013], and I'm really proud of that record. But I'm always… When I go home, I'm always trying to continue to write as much as I can. I've done a lot of thinking and I just… "Oumi [Kapila, new FILTER guitarist] and I have hit up a good songwriting approach, and it's very… it's really a lot of sound design, a lot of new things that you haven't really heard FILTER do, and I don't think anyone's really done it. But… So it's a really, really different, original-sounding thing, and I really love it." Guitarist Jonny Radtke announced his departure from FILTER in early March, explaining in a tweet that he has decided "to pursue other musical interests." FILTER's sixth studio album, "The Sun Comes Out Tonight", was released on June 4, 2013 via Wind-Up Records. The CD was recorded in Los Angeles at Blue Room studios with producer Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH, ATREYU, SALIVA). The follow-up to 2010's "The Trouble With Angels" was written and recorded by Patrick and Radtke, as well as collaborator Marlette. There are also performances from touring members Jeff Friedl and Elias Mallin (drums) and Phil Buckman (bass).

MEGADETH Indirectly Confirms CHRIS ADLER As Drummer For New Studio Album

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MEGADETH's official Facebook page has been updated with a photo of what is unmistakably LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler wearing a MEGADETH shirt, indirectly confirming rumors — as exclusively reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET on March 14 — that Adler is laying down drums for MEGADETH's new album. Adler's involvement with MEGADETH will apparently be limited to studio work only, and he is not be expected to join the band on the road to promote the effort, which is currently being recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and Adler were photographed last week having a discussion at what appeared to be a fast-food restaurant or a coffee shop in Tennessee. In addition to Mustaine, Adler and bassist David Ellefson, the recording lineup for MEGADETH's new album is rumored to include Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA. MEGADETH has yet to officially announce replacements for drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, who quit the group last year. The band was still finalizing the recording lineup for its new album earlier in the month, with Mustaine tweeting on March 10 that he was "excited to be auditioning one of my final picks for my new guitarist today." (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));


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Posted by Megadeth on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Guitarist LLOYD GRANT: How I Ended Up Playing On Original Recording Of METALLICA's 'Hit The Lights'

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 19:35

Lloyd Grant, the guitarist who played on the original recording of the METALLICA song "Hit The Lights" in early 1982, was interviewed on the February 27 edition of the "Rockzone Legends" show. You can now listen to the chat below. Asked how he first got involved with METALLICA, Grant said: "There's a lot of different versions of what happened. My version is, me and Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] were jamming down there in Orange County, California, and we jammed with a few people, and we were looking for other people to jam with. And we met through… they had a weekly newspaper down here called the Recycler, and we met through that. And that's how it started." He continued: "We were playing for a long time, and he came down to my place, my apartment, once, and he kept asking me to come by and jam with the band, but I was really busy doing other stuff. And I went down and played with them… me and him and James [Hetfield, METALLICA guitarist/vocalist]; just the three of us. James was playing bass and I was playing guitar and Lars was playing drums. And we rehearsed that 'Hit The Lights' song. But way before that, Lars let me hear that song. We were hanging out watching soccer, and he says, 'Hey, I met this guy,' blah blah blah, 'and he's exactly what we wanna jam with.' And he played this one song, and it was great, and that's how I first was introduced to 'Hit The Lights'. And after that, I went over and jammed a few times. Then he called me and said they were gonna be on this compilation album ['Metal Massacre'] and he brought over a tape of 'Hit The Lights' recorded on a four-track and asked me to make some solos for that, and they were gonna bring the four-track down and they were just gonna put it out an dump it on the compilation album." Grant also talked about what it was like joining METALLICA on stage at the Fillmore in San Francisco as part of the week-long celebration of the band's 30th anniversary in December 2011. "Yeah, it was one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime, man," he said. "I went up there, and all these rock stars are showing up — Ozzy [Osbourne], Geezer Butler… Everyone was totally well known and rock stars on the same stage that I was gonna play on that night, so that was a pretty wonderful experience. And those guys worked really hard on that stuff. I mean, they'd get there in the morning and they'd play all the songs they were gonna play in the set and they'd go over them several times. They'd start rehearsing in the morning, and they'd stop just before the show start[ed], so they worked really hard. So more power to them. They worked pretty hard. And not only that And not only that — they were really hospitable, and it was a great experience, to be honest. A really good experience." In his "Metallica Unbound" book, noted hard rock journalist K.J. Doughton wrote about Grant's brief time with METALLICA, "Lars and James decided, with only hours to go before the 'Hit The Lights' demo was due for submission [to be included on Metal Blade Records' 'Metal Massacre' compilation], that a second lead by a second guitarist would be essential! Lars knew a Jamaican guitarist named Lloyd Grant who was available. So, on the way to Hollywood's Bijou Studio where Brian Slagel [Metal Blade Records head honcho] was already finished mixing the other 'Metal Massacre' tracks, the band screeched into Grant's driveway, lugged the four-track into his front room, and watched him churn a second lead break. The 'Hit the Lights' recipe was now complete." "I remember we had this four-track recorder," explained Hetfield, recalling the last-minute struggle. "It had tracks for drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Because there were no vocals in certain parts of the song, we could punch a lead in on the vocal track. I remember we wanted to get another solo on, so we stopped by Lloyd's house and hooked up some little fuckin' amp and just ripped through a solo. It was the first take. We went into the studio and that solo ended up on the record. It's a fuckin' great solo, man!" Although many stories claim Grant was actually a member of METALLICA, James maintains that this single, slapdash encounter was the only time he was involved with the band. Other associates remember that Grant was a talented Delta blues player who had a knack for tasty leads. "He could play leads like a motherfucker," said James, "but his rhythm stuff was not very tight." The second and third pressings of "Hit The Lights" for "Metal Massacre" included Dave Mustaine and not Grant.

WITHIN TEMPTATION's 'Pre-Show Rituals' Revealed (Video)

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 18:52

Each episode of "Preshow Rituals" features a band/artist revealing the rituals they do before taking the stage every night on tour. The latest episode, which was filmed on October 1, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, focuses on Dutch symphonic rockers WITHIN TEMPTATION. In a recent interview with, WITHIN TEMPTATION vocalist Sharon den Adel satted about the band's plans for 2015: "It is going to be a very busy year. We will do a theater tour and a lot of summer festivals in Europe and we are hoping to come back to America to play places we did not get to [last] year. And we're writing new music at the same time. It is looking to be another fun year." WITHIN TEMPTATION released a new live DVD/Blu-ray/2CD, "Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert", on November 14, 2014. The set features two of WITHIN TEMPTATION's most-talked-about arena shows ever. The two dates are 2012's resplendent 15th birthday "Elements" concert and the final night of the "Hydra" European arena tour at Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall in May 2014. WITHIN TEMPTATION is renowned for releasing impressive live DVDs. Previous release, the best-selling "Black Symphony" DVD, helped make them one of the most popular bands in their genre. At their recent Awards show in Berlin, Metal Hammer Germany presented WITHIN TEMPTATION with the prestigious "Best Live Band" award. The new DVD underlines this title. "Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert" was released in four formats — DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, 2CD, and digital album. The DVD and Blu-ray contain 34 live audio visual tracks in HD, mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround. The 2CD and digital album comprise 32 live audio tracks. The two shows have a running time total of approximately 170 minutes.

SEBASTIAN BACH Taps Bassist KEVIN CHOWN For Upcoming Tour

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 18:19

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach has announced the addition of bassist Kevin Chown to his solo band. Bach says: "Joining 'Give 'Em Hell' guitar player/songwriter Devin Bronson, along with my long-standing drummer Bobby Jarzombek, the addition of Kevin on bass is an exciting musical turn for the band. "Known for his bass work with CHAD SMITH'S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, Tarja Turunen from NIGHTWISH, and Tony McAlpine, Bobby Jarzombek heavily recommended Kevin for the bass spot and I am very glad he did. "The band is going to be musically more progressive and heavy sounding. "We begin our 'Youth Gone Wild West Tour' on April 16 in San Juan Capistrano, California and we also have a ton of shows to be announced for this summer "Bobby, Devin and myself are very excited to raise the progressive rock bar with Kevin on bass. He plays perfectly and also sings like a bird, which is a real bonus these days! "We will see you soon, California, Nevada and Arizona! It's time to get wild in the Wild West! Let's rock!!!!!" Bach's latest album, "Give 'Em Hell", sold around 4,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 72 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released on April 22, 2014 via Frontiers Records, the follow-up to 2011's "Kicking & Screaming" was once again produced by Bob Marlette, who has previously worked with ROB ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH and SHINEDOWN, among others. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

I am beyond excited to announce the addition of @kevinchown on Bass Guitar for the band! Joining 'Give 'Em Hell' Guitar Player / Songwriter Devin Bronson along with my long-standing Drummer Bobby Jarzombek, the addition of Kevin on bass is an exciting musical turn for the band. Known for his bass work with Chad Smiths Bombastic Meatbats, Tarja Turunen from NightWish, and Tony McAlpine, Bobby Jarzombek heavily recommended Kevin for the bass spot and I am very glad he did. The band is going to be musically more progressive and heavy sounding. We begin our #YouthGoneWildWest Tour on April 16 in San Juan Capistrano CA and we also have a ton of shows to be announced for this summer!! Bobby @mrmonkcat & myself are very excited to raise the progressive rock bar with Kevin on bass. He plays perfectly and also sings like a bird which is a real bonus these days! We will see you soon California Nevada and Arizona! It's time to get wild in the Wild West! Let's rock!!!!! VIP Mert & Greet Packages: Youth Gone WILD WEST Tour 20154.16 San Juan Capistrano CA Coach House Concert Hall4.17 Phoenix AZ Livewire4.18 Tucson AZ Pima County Fair4.19 Beverly Hills CA Saban Theater4.21 Solana Beach CA Belly Up4.22 Sacramento CA Ace Of Spades4.23 San Jose CA Rock Bar4.24 Reno NV Cargo4.25 Fresno CA Strummer's4.26 Las Vegas NV Brooklyn Bowl

Posted by Sebastian Bach on Saturday, March 28, 2015 (Thanks: NJthrasher)

Aborted - Announce North American Tour

from: Metal Storm, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 16:37

Belgium extreme metallers <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=357&bandname=Aborted>Aborted</a> are pleased to announce their return to North America. This time the band will be co-headlining with <b>Fit For An Autopsy</b> and <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=6117&bandname=Archspire>Archspire</a>, supported by <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8688&bandname=Dark+Sermon>Dark Sermon</a> and with one more band to be announced. This one month long trek will be the <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=357&bandname=Aborted>Aborted</a>'s first full tour across North America in support of their latest album, <i>The Necrotic Manifesto</i>, released back in April, 2014. Check out the confirmed dates below the official tour flyer. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=26097>Read more...</a>

HALESTORM's AREJAY HALE On 'Into The Wild Life' Album: 'I'm Damn Proud Of It'

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 15:54

France's TV Rock Live recently conducted an interview with HALESTORM drummer Arejay Hale in Paris. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about the making of HALESTORM's upcoming album, "Into The Wild Life", Arejay said: "Every time we go to make [a record], we have more touring experience, we have more... just experience in the studio and being in a band. We do cover EPs in between records, and that's just good studio training for us." He continued: "Going in to make this record, we did it a little bit different than the first two. The first two, we were with [producer] Howard Benson, and that was great working with him, 'cause he had his system how a record was done. The structure is very 'Bam! Bam! Bam! Done.' And with this one, we kind of did it differently. Instead of doing section by section, we did it one song at a time. So we would go in the studio, start on one song and then just keep working at it until it was done. And then sometimes we would put it aside and work on something else and then go back to it later. But there was a lot less structure, which is sometimes a bad thing, 'cause we're, kind of perfectionists. But it was actually a really good thing, 'cause we worked with this producer, Jay Joyce, and he had a great vision for who we were. And we felt more confident going into the studio — so confident that we just decided to record it live. Well, not live, but all of us playing together and recording the whole band playing all the music at the same time. 'Cause usually you do it piece by piece — you do the drums and then later you do the guitars and overdub them and put them together in Pro Tools." Arejay added: "The way records are made now, for me, I just didn't wanna do it that way, 'cause I felt like it kind of sucked the life out of the band. We're kind of an organic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of band. If you come to a show, you see that we don't use tracks. We don't even play to a click track. "So, anyway, long story long, I think this record, we went into it with the objective of trying to capture more of what we do live, and try to capture that on tape. And I'm damn proud of it. I think we did great." "Into The Wild Life" arrives on April 14. The first single, "Apocalyptic", recently became HALESTORM's third No. 1 single at rock radio. HALESTORM plans to release a photo book called "To Hale And Back" in May. The book, for which the band teamed with photographer and longtime friend Rob Fenn, will document the group's career so far. Fenn has been traveling with the band since 2012 and a description of the book says that his pictures "capture HALESTORM at their most intimate, their most vulnerable and at their most triumphant moments via his trusty lens, and unwavering eye." The 272-page hardcover photo book is also described as "the storybook tale of one young band’s rise to superstardom, as well as the build-up to their highly anticipated new album, 'Into The Wild Life'." After its current European tour ends, HALESTORM will begin a North American jaunt with THE PRETTY RECKLESS on April 22 in Nashville.

MEGADETH's DAVID ELLEFSON On CHRIS ADLER Rumors: 'It's All Speculation, Isn't It?'

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 14:53

In a brand new interview with Australia's Reverb magazine, MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson was asked about drummer Chris Adler's (LAMB OF GOD) rumored involvement in the recording sessions for the band's new album, which is currently being tracked in Nashville, Tennessee. "It's all speculation, isn't it?" Ellefson laughed. "There's nothing that I can report at this point, but things are definitely moving forward. There's a lot of excitement building. In fact, even this last week, [there's been] some huge corners turned. Things are very optimistic for our future. We are pretty much immediately getting to work and things are rolling forward." He added: "It has been an interesting process, but now very optimistic. There have been a lot of new developments." MEGADETH has yet to officially announce replacements for drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, who quit the group last year. As BLABBERMOUTH.NET exclusively reported on March 14, MEGADETH is rumored to have hired Adler and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro (ANGRA) to play on the band's new CD. MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and Adler were photographed last week having a discussion at what appeared to be a fast-food restaurant or a coffee shop in Tennessee. The band was still finalizing the recording lineup for its new album earlier in the month, with Mustaine tweeting on March 10 that he was "excited to be auditioning one of my final picks for my new guitarist today."

THE HAUNTED Guitarist OLA ENGLUND To Release New FEARED Album 'Synder'

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 13:52

FEARED, the Swedish death-metal foursome led by THE HAUNTED guitarist Ola Englund, will release its fifth album, "Synder" ("sins" in Swedish), on May 25. The effort, which once again features the stunning artwork by Sylvain Lucchina of Razorimages, will be made available on digipack CD and as a digital download. The official video for the first single from "Synder", a track called "My Grief, My Sorrow", was directed by Englund and can be seen below. Said Englund about the clip: "'My Grief, My Sorrow' is about a person with mental problems who takes his life, only to wake up and relive the same day over and over. The endless circle drives him more into madness and the story never ends. Or it could be a tale about an honest man who has a special fondness of knives and old televisions." "Synder" track listing: 01. Synder 02. Your Demise 03. Of Iron And Ashes 04. Caligula 05. My Grief, My Sorrow 06. Dygder 07. By Silent Screaming 08. Wolf At The End Of The World 09. My Own Redemption 10. Dying Day 11. War Feeding War 12. The Narcissist 13. Godless Devotion

VINCE NEIL To Sing National Anthem At LAS VEGAS OUTLAWS' First Game

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 13:25

Vince Neil, lead singer of the iconic rock band MÖTLEY CRÜE, has announced that he will perform the National Anthem at the Las Vegas Outlaws' first game (vs. the San Jose SaberCats) on Monday, March 30 live at the Thomas & Mack Center. Neil will sing "The Star Spangled Banner" just before kick-off, which takes place at 7:30 p.m. PT. Doors to the public open at 6:30 p.m. PT. "I'm going to perform the National Anthem in honor of the Outlaws' first game, for the fans and families in attendance, and for our veterans and service men and women everywhere," said Neil. "The players and coaches are ready to get this season rockin' and to make Las Vegas proud of its awesome Arena Football team." Neil has been the lead singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE since 1980 and has enjoyed more than three decades in the music and entertainment business. Over the years, he engaged in other successful business ventures, including taking an ownership stake in the Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football team, and as of late last year, the Las Vegas Outlaws AFL expansion team. Neil will be in attendance at the Outlaws' historic first game during his break from MÖTLEY CRÜE's "The Final Tour". In September 2014, it was announced that Neil would bring Arena Football back to Las Vegas. Since then, the Outlaws have been building its coaches and players roster, securing national television deals and pursuing local business sponsors including Dollar Loan Center. The team is actively seeking additional sponsors as a result of sports giant ESPN and CBS Sports signing on for television and online broadcasts. In its inaugural game, the Outlaws are facing a tough opponent from San Jose. With over 18 seasons of play, the SaberCats are considered one of the Arena Football League's most successful franchises. The SaberCats have a lifetime regular season record of 181–96 (winning 65% of games played). They are the 2014 Pacific Division National Champions. Their postseason record currently stands at 15–11.

TWISTED SISTER To Announce Future Plans Next Week

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 13:01

The surviving members of TWISTED SISTER will reveal their future plans next week — less than fourteen days since the passing of the band's drummer, Anthony Jude "A.J." Pero. The band posted a new message to its Facebook page along with the above photo of singer Dee Snider, guitarists Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda and bassist Mark "The Animal" Mendoza. "After two very emotional days with the amazing Pero family and close friends to honor of our brother, A.J. Pero, we met to plan our future," the group wrote. "Those plans will be made official next week. "The band and the Pero family thank our fans from around the world for their love and support during this very tough time." Pero died on March 20 at the age of 55. He was on tour with the band ADRENALINE MOB at the time. After members of that group failed to rouse him on their tour bus, he was taken to a Poughkeepsie, New York hospital and pronounced dead of an apparent heart attack. A couple of days after Pero's death, Snider told a TMZ cameraman that TWISTED SISTER would "probably" would keep playing, "for [A.J.'s] family, because his family will benefit from us playing, financially." French sounded less certain about the band's future when he told radio host Eddie Trunk on March 23 that "it may be time" for TWISTED SISTER to call its quits in 2016 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of French, Snider and Ojeda first playing together. He said: "We need to look at this and say to ourselves, as a live, breathing entity, on which our reputation totally rests on — being a great live act — how do we honor that history? And how do we honor A.J.? And how do we honor the fans' loyalty? And I think you know me and Dee and the band enough to know that we are totally realistic and genuine when it comes to our relationship with our fans." Pero joined TWISTED SISTER in 1982, leaving the band in 1986 but returning in 1997. He remained a member of the group, which has toured on and off over the past 15 years, to this day. He played drums on six of the group's seven studio albums, except for 1987's "Love Is For Suckers". TWISTED SISTER rose to prominence from the New York club scene in the early 1980s. Their biggest album, 1984's "Stay Hungry", contained the hits "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock". In addition to touring with TWISTED SISTER and ADRENALINE MOB, Pero also recently played with former and current members of IRON MAIDEN and DISTURBED in a band called THE FOUNDRY. He also hosted drum clinics and seminars.

CARCASS 'Disrespects' Malaysia After Failing To Secure Visas For Planned Concert

from: Blabbermouth, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 12:38

According to The Star Online, British extreme metallers CARCASS have upset some of their Malaysian fans by posting picture of the Malaysian flag upside down after the band failed to get visas for a show in the country. "Sorry Malaysia, no show for you guys in May," the band wrote on its Facebook page. "Seems like your government officials still haven't updated their calendars to the 21st century — we've had our visas declined on the basis of our 'lyrical content.' Laughable and embarrassing. "Give us a call when you get yourselves a sensible secular state. PS if you're reading this you're too late, we already 'corrupted' your youth and played Kuching last year!" An inverted flag is usually used in distress situations or sometimes as a form of protest. CARCASS's Facebook post was unsurprisingly met with a strong reaction from the band's fans in Malaysia, with one fan writing: "That was uncalled for. So disappointed with your status." Another fan said other extreme metal bands — including LAMB OF GOD and KREATOR — were not allowed to play in Malaysia in the past, but they were not disrespectful. "It's not right to post a picture of a flag upside down. It is disrespectful," the fan said. A third fan added: "Your tone is nothing but disrespectful in general...I doubt this is the way to express your anger towards the situation." Back in September 2013, The Department Of Islamic Development Of Malaysia (Jakim) raised objection to a planned LAMB OF GOD concert in the country, claiming that the band's music was a mix of metal songs with the reading of verses from the Quran. Jakim's director-general, Datuk Othman Mustapha, said the objection was in accordance with the decision of the Fatwa (Edicts) Committee that the practices and acts of black metal groups were misguided and contrary to the true teachings of Islam. Othman hoped that the authorities would not approve the performance by taking into consideration the sensitivities of Muslims and to ensure that it did not open up crises related to faith and morality.

At The Gates - To Tour Australia And Latin America

from: Metal Storm, on: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 11:58

<a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=45&bandname=At+The+Gates>At The Gates</a> are touring hard in support of their latest (comeback) release <i>At War With Reality</i>, and are currently performing on the grounds of North America. Additionally, the band confirmed another set of tour dates. First they will be heading out to Latin America in the first half of September and afterwards the band will return to the shores of Australia in October/November. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=26096>Read more...</a>